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NanoPix is an Image Processing and Industry Automation company that provides solutions based on image processing and control systems in various fields of applications including sports, industry controls, biotechnology, and security industries. NanoPix also has a team of experts that designs and develops algorithms at an abstract level and converts them into applications in various fields such as Bioinformatics, Image Processing and VLSI.

NanoPix’s current mandate is to increase the ability and efficiency of agriculture processors in grading and selling high quality produce through an automated process. The first application of this technology has been for the cashew industry.

Each year, over 1.8 million metric tons of raw cashew seeds are produced in 19 countries, with major producers including India, Brazil, Vietnam, and so forth. Although these seeds are produced on such a scale, quality grading for the product still represents a significant challenge for the industry. Typically, visual inspection is still needed and manual sorting has to be done. This leads to increasing production costs, as labor is quite expensive, and inexperienced human labor can create errors throughout the process.


As a solution, a machine referred to as a ‘nanoSorter’ simplifies this process. This technology is a unique grading machine that offers itself as a single point solution for the cashew market. Utilizing 3-patented technologies, the process ensures increased efficiency and grading for cashew inspection. The ‘nanoSorter’ also provides automatic cashew handling with machine-vision based sorting. This innovation allows the product to be sorted by size and colour, as well as having the ability to detect shrinking, butts and splits in the nut. By being able to sort the product into 7 grades, the machine is able to achieve a 50kg/hr throughput which is entirely scalable. With all these features, the machine offers 10% less breakage than traditional methods, with 95% accuracy.

On a grander scale, the ‘nanoSorter’ can be re-purposed and applied for a variety of agricultural purposes, benefiting farmers, exporters, and high value producers.


Nanopix is transforming agri-processing industry through its technology – the nanosorter. The nanosorter has solved issues like increasing cost of grading cashew nuts using currently available machines and a lack of skilled labor. This machine has helped over 100 farmers to improve their productivity multifold.


NanoPix ISS Pvt. Ltd

Founder: Sasi Sekar Krish

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