Nexus3D Sandbox Startups is where the entrepreneur journey started to excel and out grow with resources provided , A long away to go and excel with alot of opportunities.

Vikas Hutagikar

Nexus3D - Founder
The sandbox startup has continuously provided mentorship, space to grow, training to hone skills and capabilities, a confident environment for the team and the discipline that is needed succeed.

Sasisekar Krish

Nanopix - Founder
LinkEZStartup journey starts with a Great Idea and Founders need to focus fully on the Technical and Marketing aspects to be Successful.Sandbox has really been this complete Ecosystem that has Supported and Nurtured LinkEZ to grow into what it is today.

Divesh Shah

LinkeZ - Founder
We not only are provided with an forum to get our idea’s to the market, but we also get to learn the know-how of a business, everything that we, as a company need to be successful.

Priyal Ostwal

Artwaley - Artist/ Founder
Sandbox Startups is the best incubation center in Hubli-Dharwad. This is the tool to promote the entrepreneurship. They have become an integral part of the business assistance framework to offer the critical support to newly formed enterprises.

Madhavi K

About sandbox has created an ecosystem of resources, connections, knowledge, talent, finance and amazing mentors. It helping us to test, pilot and start business. And also helping us to build successful ventures.

Sugreeva M Tangade

SMAT - Founder


 Brainstorming session
“At Sandbox Startups, we’ve come up with brainstorming sessions in order to bring different perspectives to individual problems. Each participant gets to express two problems that they are facing and from there, the remaining incubatees have the chance to brainstorm potential solutions.”

 Scrum Framework
“We believe that startups should make continual progress on a regular basis. Therefore, we’ve devised the concept of Scrum Meetings that requires each incubatee to report on a startup’s progress while having the opportunity to ask other questions.”

Test your idea, build a prototype, grow your venture – get access to funding, infrastructure, networking opportunities and much more